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Every photograph forces the viewer to imagine something - a memory, warmth, happiness, or it can make the viewer imagine what it might be like to live in a new home, drive a new car, use a product or meet the person in the image. The opinion formed when viewing the photograph is one which can very heavily influence the viewer's opinion of that company, person, product etc.

Our photography very carefully takes your message and makes a visual version of what you want to say.

Casey Imaging photograph all areas of industrial, commercial, business and corporate photography for all types of clients including government, large and small companies and corporations, mining and rural companies and all other types of businesses, both large and small. We don't only photograph for companies and businesses though. Take the time to go through our galleries - if we can assist you with any type of photography, then contact us, and we will be happy to discuss your photographic marketing requirements.

Industrial and Construction Photography

Industry and Construction
photographing industry and construction.....

At Casey Imaging, we are only too aware that industry and construction photography requires not only the specialist skills and equipment to produce first class results every time, but also to do so with minimum disruption to industrial workflow, and compliance to safety and site-specific requirements. Our work ethic is unsurpassed and commitment to getting the job done is second to none. Industrial and construction photography can often be a delicate mix of photographic recording and creativity so that images can be presented and used for many purposes both for reporting and continual uses such as print, video, web and marketing. We are also photographic consultants, and can assist with the design of photographic campaigns to ensure the photoshoots deliver the required images with a minimum of fuss.

Mining Industry Photography

photographing the mining industry.....

Casey Imaging have been photographing all aspects of the mining industry for more than 20 years. Because of it's extremely broad requirements, mining photography is not simply producing photographs of a dragline or trucks on a haul road. Photography of the mining industry requires the ability to be a corporate photographer one minute, and an industrial photographer the next. It requires as much experience and ability with intricate studio lighting as it does shooting in the depths of the industrial world, in dark, "hands-on" environments. Casey Imaging have the experience, knowledge and equipment to shoot the mining industry in all of it's forms. SAFETY - EXPERIENCE - KNOWLEDGE.......

Photography of The Rural Industry

photographing rural industries.....

The rural industry is one of the most diverse in it's structure - is as much a research laboratory as it is a farm paddock, a fashion show, a chef, an abattoir, farm machinery, a food photograph. The many layers that make up the rural industry requires careful and strategic marketing, and there is no better tool than carefully designed imagery to accomplish this. Casey Imaging have been involved in photography of the rural industry for many decades, with specific understanding of the requirements of marketing for rural clients.

Aerial Photography

aerial photography.....

Aerial photography is used for real estate, mining, commercial and industrial purposes, as well as government and other corporate bodies. Whilst ground level images are magnificent for most purposes, nothing beats aerial photography to depict a property or object and it's relationship to their surroundings. Casey Imaging are well accomplished in the finer points of aerial photography which requires exacting planning, preparation, communication and mapping as well as specific aerial photographic skills to ensure that the photographs are of the highest standards for all purposes.

Architecture & Buildings Photography

photographing buildings, structures and architecture.....

Photographing architecture is a specialist area that Casey Imaging work in on a regular basis. Whilst similar to other images of structures , the individualt needs of each job is where Casey Imaging shines. We are very conscious to balance the artistic interplay of shapes, textures and patterns with the rigid geometric lines of structures to ensure that the final images of the building or structure are delivered with just the right amount of artistic flair and architectural accuracy

Real Estate & Property Photography

real estate photography.....

Photography of real estate is vital for both the vendor and the buyer of any property. It provides the medium by which a potential buyer views all available properties to determine which of those on the market at the time fit their requirements, and deserve a further look. Any property which displays with sub standard photography can very easily be passed over without even a live inspection. The photographic presentation of any property is probably the best and cheapest part of marketing any style of real estate.

Commercial and Advertising Photography

commercial, advertising and marketing photography.....
The photograph is both the most obvious and yet the most overlooked part of any marketing campaign. Most people react to the content of the image rather than view the image itself. This makes it easy to forget about the vital importance of having the best marketing and advertising images made. At Casey Imaging, we not only do the advertising and marketing photography, but we also provide photographic consultancy services to plan and prepare the photographic side of marketing campaigns.

Corporate Photography

corporate photography.....

The corporate world relies very heavily on image....the perception of a company's strength, reliability, integrity, stability, and approachability. Whilst it would be ideal to portray all of these in person to existing and potential clients, the reality is that most clients will obtain a perception of your company and it's people from reputation and imagery they see before they meet you. Corporate photography plays a vital role in setting this perception and at Casey Imaging we ensure your company and people are photographed in the style that portrays the feel and stature of your business, company, department or corporation.

People and Lifestyle Photography

people and lifestyle photography.....

People photography is just that - photographing people - capturing the personality, the surroundings and the life of people. It is not just depicting the person but also the character. People photography is more than portraiture - it introduces you to the person during one moment of their life..... and what people do is captured with photography of their lifestyle.

Food and Hospitality

food photography and the hospitality industry.....

Photographing food for advertising or marketing is one of the most demanding forms of photography. Extreme attention to detail is required as well as the mastery of lighting to ensure that the food or beverage being photographed is extremely palatable and attractive. Casey Imaging have a wealth of experience in food photography and targeted marketing photography for the hospitality industry.

Sport, Editorial & Event photography

sports, events and editorial photography.....

Casey Imaging have photographed some of the biggest events in Queensland. Whether social, sporting, corporate and even editorial and photojournalism events, Casey Imaging are sports , events and photojournalism specialists. We are ready and equipped to travel anywhere in Queensland and beyond to provide coverage that is second to none.


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